Blockchain Job marketplace has a huge advantage over Legacy job marketplace

The legacy job marketplace today consists of three parties: the owner, the employers, and the freelancer. Each party serves a role that sustains the growth and development of the platform. Boon.Tech introduces an advanced job marketplace based on blockchain and combined concepts from job marketplace with cryptocurrencies.

The main three advantages of Boon.Tech over Legacy job marketplace are,

1. Returning much of its value to the people who provide valuable contributions

What is more satisfying than getting a valuable result for each one’s work! The main advantage of people engaging with the blockchain based job marketplace is they would get tokens as a reward and the amazing part is this token can be redeemed at an exchange.

The Boon Tech community provides the following services to its members:

1. A secure platform for freelancers and employers to find talent and jobs.

2. A means to get high-quality service and a committed user base.

3. Free payments.

4. Rewards for engaging in the platform (distributed as Boon Coins)

2. Create a currency that can reach a broad market

While dealing with money transactions, everyone prefers the secure path and that’s why cryptocurrency stays in the apex nowadays. Through initializing the blockchain based job marketplace, the boon coin can reach a broad market including people who have yet to participate in any cryptocurrency economy, and leverage the coin value, market value and thereby develop a new intelligent free freelance job marketplace

3. Free service for both employers and freelancers

By making the service free for employers and freelancers, our platform rewards both parties and enable employers and freelancers to earn more for their effort. Freelancers and employers are incentivized to use the platform by providing a bonus to both parties and encourage the community activities.

Boon Coin’s purposeful realignment of economic incentives has the potential to produce fairer and more inclusive results for everyone involved than the fiat freelancer platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, 99Designs, etc. This paper will explore the existing economic incentives and demonstrate how Boon Coins’s incentives may result in better outcomes for all participants.

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