This article requires some understanding of ServiceWorkers. If you’re not familiar with ServiceWorkers, here are some links to help you get started —

Also, here is a good read —

Let’s discuss some of the gotchas when developing a web application with offline capabilities using service workers.

For the sake of brevity, sw = service workers.

3xx — Almost Never

Whenever a URL in your application possibly returns a 3xx response, make sure you know what you’re doing when you handle that request via a Service Worker. …

To know what Flipkart Lite is, read this article by Aditya Punjani on the story behind building the Progressive Web App,

Also, this article is cross posted here at the Official Flipkart Tech Blog —

Well, where do I even start? The following is the list of most of the tech behind Flipkart Lite in NO particular order. Many thanks to all the authors and contributors of these tools, libraries, frameworks, specification etc…


Tools — Build and Serve:

Web platform:

This post is just for joke and means no harm to any of the tools and libraries mentioned below. I’m using them all the time, it’s amazing and I’d always recommend them.

This is heavily inspired from CircleCI’s blog post ‘It’s the Future’ and expresses the same in another perspective.

Hey, I'd like to learn to write rich web applications. I hear you've got a bit of experience in that area.

: Yeah. I'm a front-end guy, using a couple of tools and techniques to build web applications.

Cool. I'm building a simple web app at the moment — a…

In JavaScript, most of the code that we write falls under asynchronous programming. Whenever we pass an argument as a function and expect this function to run sometime in future, we’re dealing with something asynchronous. And it isn’t always nice to have callbacks as the preliminary entities for async. We frequently end up with this

a('a', function() {
b('b', function() {
c('c', function() {
d('d', function() {

and it was never nice to add one more function to represent your idea into code via callbacks. Promises are a big step towards solving this issue. The…

A trek to Kumara Parvatha

“Dae, vetti(jobless) fellow. It’s time to wake up. We reached”, said Chakra, my roommate. It was a 6 hour journey from Bangalore to Kukke. I was struggling to open my eyes to get a clear vision of the world outside. There weren’t anyone around, “Time’s up! Freshen up guys”, said Prassanna, our Trek coordinator. With a 15% awaken mood, I walked into the room at Kukke and lied down to take a nap for a few more minutes (…) and we reached the starting point of the trek. The coordinator was giving some insights of how it is going to…

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