All-Invitational X Predictions

Since I am not playing in this tournament (thanks RNJesus) and I saw Seigfried doing predictions, I thought I would throw some together as well.

Group A

This group is insanely stacked thanks to Wagon trolling the group selection. Wagon coming out first is pretty obvious. The man plays around 5 games a month and consistently is in GM contention. His ZvZ is also scary good from the many matches I have seen. The next three spots however are definitely much harder to call. Mani has the benefit of only preparing for a single match-up but it also happens to be his least favorite. I expect many reapers to be made in his games. Worldisdoom is a super solid player but I know struggles a bit against non standard play. This actually makes me think that Mani has a pretty good shot against him. Quail has been a bit more inactive as of late but is still a huge threat. His ZvZ and ZvT is solid and I can see him taking the series against any of these players.

In the end I think if Mani plays his super annoying drop heavy play with a bit of cheddar mixed in, he can make it out of this group.

1st. TheWagon
2nd. Manipulation
3rd. Worldisdoom
4th. gotquail

Group B

Sorry Fizben, you were thrown in a group of killers. Both Luneth and Nycro have exceptional PvZ and I don’t expect them to have too much trouble. There’s a chance Fizben could take a series off Techfour but it would have to be a pretty significant build order advantage to make it happen. Luneth should be going through this group with a solid 3–0 as his PvP from what I’ve heard is a pain to play against (skytoss) and after losing to Techfour in the last TAI, he will be out for blood. Techfour vs Nycro is going to be the match to watch in this group for sure. Techfour plays a really crazy style of ZvP and I think if Nycro isn’t prepared for it, it could definitely give him trouble. I like Techfour’s chances of pulling through in that series.

1st. Luneth
2nd. Techfour
3rd. Nycro
4th. Fizben

Group C

Mr Lando is a heavy favorite here as the runner up from last TAI and one of the few people on this team who has made Wagon “try.” He has super solid GM level macro and micro and I don’t see him dropping a game to either opponent. Frugs vs PSosa should be interesting as PSosa is on a absolute tear recently. The catch however is that he proclaims his ZvZ is his worst match-up and from what I have seen I agree. He can fall victim to early pressure builds and I know Frugs has those up his back pocket. The key to PSosa winning the series will have to be getting to that big 3–4 base macro game where he feels comfortable. Lag will probably play a part in this series as the players are from three corners of the world. It should be interesting playing Peru vs Australia vs United Kingdom.

1st. MrLando
2nd. Frugs
3rd. PSosa

Group D

Rhizer, don’t say we have never done anything for you. If you drop a game I am putting you up for adoption. MoldedPixels has definitely shown some promise recently but I think matched up against 2 of the top diamonds on the team will prove to be a little too much for him to handle. The match-up between Ultralisk and Pure is an interesting one. I don’t believe I have seen the two of them square up recently, but thinking to their play styles I have to give Pure a slight advantage. He is a solid macro player who can execute timings very well. I think his harassment can definitely stress Ultralisks weakness in multitasking. Ultra does have some interesting builds though and I can see those definitely catching Pure off guard.

1st. Rhizer
2nd. Pureblublood
3rd. Ultralisk
4th. MoldedPixels