Coaching: 3 good reasons to implement it at the organizational level

The word coaching is on everyone’s lips. No doubt about it: coaching is on the rise! As proof, in Canada:

135k searches made every month on the theme of coaching.

But what is coaching, exactly?

Definition of coaching

Coaching is a process in which we offer support to someone who wants to develop professionally. It can be quickly assumed that it is an individual process or that it should be reserved for professionals, but it is a practice that can truly be implemented on an organizational scale, and in a simple way.

Why implement coaching on an organizational level?

Discover 3 reasons why you should consider implementing coaching in your organization.

Reason #1: To create virtuous, empowering, and value-creating cycles

As mentioned earlier, coaching is about helping individuals grow and become better. Now imagine the impact on your organization if everyone developed their coaching skills a little more?

When coaching becomes a common practice, adopted by all, you create teams that are continuously improving and therefore more likely to create value. Magical, isn’t it?

Reason #2: To make your organization more resilient

The world of work is changing more and more rapidly. We can no longer take years to develop skills: we need to build them here and now! Soft skills are the skills of the future and are what allow organizations to be more solid, agile, and resilient. With coaching, you accelerate the learning of these soft skills!

Reason #3: To increase your engagement and retention rates

By implementing coaching at the organizational level, you empower each individual. Coaching is a great gift that colleagues can give to each other. With coaching, you get support on how to learn, you feel less lonely about your efforts and you feel closer to each other.

Need some inspiration? Check out what we’ve done at Talsom to help them implement coaching and improve engagement!

If you also want to implement coaching in your organization or if you have questions on the subject, make an appointment with us so that we can talk!

Originally published at on March 17, 2022.



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