Sometimes we need a new way to do the same old thing.

That sometimes is now and that new thing is HEY.

CB’s admiration of Trump is consistent with fixations

One of my assigned tasks was to occasionally drive my boss to CB’s unusually large Volkswagen. A high-pitched shrieking noise could usher me off the property once I’d discharged. I advanced in the world to footmen. Two of the biggest dogs learned to kill other predators.

“Be very still,” snarled…

While I noticed no signs of weight loss, I can relate to the struggles of trying to get a diagnosis, the strange issues surrounding swallowing, having to drink lots of water, and the ease at which I can choke in this episode of the Sickboy Podcast.

I was diagnosed with…

That is the iPhone: it is a franchise, the closest thing to a hardware annuity stream tech has ever seen. — Ben Thompson | Stratechery

This is a hardware-as-platform and hardware-as-subscription model that no other hardware company can match. It is not only highly responsible but it’s highly defensible and therefore a great business. Planned obsolescence is a bad business and is not defensible. Horace Dediu | Asymco

“It is always difficult to decide on how to respond to people whose ethos is so alien and, in fact, repellent to one’s own. It is not that I take exception to the general points made by you but that every ounce of my energy has been devoted to an active opposition to cruel bigotry, compulsive violence, and the sadistic persecution which has characterised the philosophy and practice of fascism.

I feel obliged to say that the emotional universes we inhabit are so distinct, and in deepest ways opposed, that nothing fruitful or sincere could ever emerge from association between us.” — Bertrand Russell

Dear @TwitterDev,

So, I take it Trump, alt-right trolls, neo-nazis, white nationalists, Banon-populists, the ironically named “all lives matter” movement, gamer-gate misogynists, religious fundamentalists, racist uncles (and aunts), and Russian bots aren’t really big fans of third-party Twitter apps?



“You are thirty-five years old,” I said to myself. “More than half of your life has already been spent. Who is living your life, anyway? Is it actually yours? Or is it a kind of public storehouse of odd jobs? …

Iain K. MacLeod

He/Him | Born to be mild. Great great great grand-nephew of Angus “Giant” MacAskill. Worked skateboard check at 1994 Gobblefest. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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