Unique Wedding Ideas — The New Hot Trend — Photo Booths

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s what guests are able to take away and remember that counts. If this can be entertaining and interactive at the same, that’s fantastic, which is why renting a photo booth for your big day and can ensure your wedding is remembered for years to come.

This is the latest and biggest trend in weddings right now, as it allows guests to create personalised mementos, as well as providing you a way to collect photographs of all the people throughout the party. With plenty of additional features, it’s really just a case of deciding what kind of photo booth is best for the day. Booth Xperia has a range of photo booths available, so you can get all the features you could want.

Photo Resolution

A good photo booth needs a good camera. The best option is to use a DSLR, or Digital Single Lens Reflex, camera. This allows the lens to adjust to the optimum setting, getting the perfect exposure for crystal clear images.

Of course, many booths come with HD (High-Definition) video recording too, so why not make the most of this feature? Guests can choose to record video messages, sign a guest book with videos and leave their best wishes in a recording, all at a high quality resolution.

Booth Size

A bigger booth offers better versatility. Weddings are big social events, so a booth that can hold around 7 or 8 people is ideal. This gives people room to fit comfortable and, in turn, you get high quality recordings from friends, families and other social groups important to your life. Just don’t forget to get an idea of the booth’s dimensions and let your wedding planner or event organiser accommodate it into their designs!


Photo booths may be an old concept, but one of the reasons they’re gaining a resurgence in popularity is thanks to the use of modern, interactive features. For instance, nobody wants to carry photographs with them throughout the night, so choose a digital booth that offers Facebook connections, or can otherwise send images straight to social media.

Similarly, you can use digital editing services to have more fun with your photographs, which is great for guests that like to have fun. Digital booths offer all of this so why not allow people to express themselves as much as possible?

Colour And Theme

Finally, weddings always have a theme and a photo booth can really help play a part in this. From the outside, the booths come in numerous designs and colours, allowing you to find something that compliments your existing choices.

As for the photographs themselves, the possibilities are limitless. The interactive elements allow people to enhance their images to meet the theme, while you can also create themed guest books and messages to help tie all of this together.

In short, photo booths are an option that reward creativity, helping you to enhance your wedding. Both you and your guests will walk always with fantastic, digital memories that can be shared and appreciated forever.

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