2 days. 36 miles. One epic adventure in the wilderness of Washington.
Siddharth Dedhia


I was finally able to make my own epic first ascent of Three Fingers this year as part of a maintenance team tasked with hauling up over 200# of mortar to repair a part of the failing foundation. What a trip! While I have found my own words to be wholly inadequate for describing the journey and the constant awe factor, your story reminded me of how truly awesome that trip was.

Last night, I began reading a history of the Three Fingers Lookout and was struck with a particular set of images published in the book (Three Fingers: The Mountain, the Men and A Lookout by Malcolm S. Bates, out of print). One was a shot of the lookout with all of the shutters open and the other was a shot with all of the shutters closed, save the shutter for the front door. I immediately flashed to working with Norm to bring those shutters down as we prepared to take our leave and the final shutter, for the front door, was left to me to lower and secure. I will forever be grateful for that connection to such a wonderful place and am already looking forward to when I next return to raise the shutters again.

Thanks for sharing your story and your wonderful images.

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