3 creative Easter ideas — To create a memorable gift for your family!

Easter time is family time!

It’s a time where the whole family is coming together to share lots of beautiful and caring moments. It’s the time where we particularly want to spend time with our kids and our partner and it’s also the time where the grandparents or parents in law are usually coming to visit. Be it as it may the peak is and will remain the searching and finding of the Easter presents.

Therefore many family members are asking themselves the same question every year over and over again: Wherewith can I still surprise my loved ones?

We asked ourselves the same and came up with a fantastic idea how to create a memorable gift with only a time-saving amount of effort by using a photo book and three little but charming steps to personalize it to make Easter for the whole family very special this year.

Let‘s go!

Step 1

Create a small photo book, for instance with your favorite memories as a family over the past years or you can add pictures of an exceptionally great event you have shared together. It’s just important to show your loved ones how important and esteemed they are for you in your life as family and how gladly you enjoy spending time with them.

Step 2

Leave a couple of pages of your photo book blank. Here’s where the magic will happen!

That will create two opportunities. Firstly, you can use those pages for a very special inscription or secondly, you can fill those pages together as a family with infinite memories and write down your best experiences over the years or scheming up the future. Just fill this boring empty space with your best DIY ideas — even your kid could just draw something! :) It’s fun and brings you even closer together as a family!

Step 3

Leave space with the last page of your photo book for a gift in your gift!

Sometimes in everyday life it can happen that you aren’t able in finding time together as a family like finding a free weekend to visit the zoo with your kids for instance. Don’t worry! Think ahead and add your own personalized family voucher to your photo book and the receiver of your present can separate his voucher from his book and redeem it with you.

That’s it! To make it even more special and to support you with your creativity we will provide you with a voucher code to get 25% off your personalized photo book. Just download our boox app via this link or enter EASTEREGG17 directly when you reach the basket in our app.

Enjoy the time with your family!