Great ideas to create your own phenomenal photo book cover

Great ideas to create your own phenomenal photo book cover

You’d like to know how to create your own photo book cover easily, for free and in just a small amount of time…but maybe didn’t know how to get started?

No problem! We’re here to help!

All you need is a selection of your favorite pictures that are on your smartphone.

And then we can begin…

Step 1 — ready quickly

The first step is simple. Please just download and install the “April –Layout from Camera 360“ app on your smartphone. It’s quick and easy.

Step 2 — Choose your own personal layout design

Open the app you’ve just installed and click on the layout button. Choose the type of layout you would like to use, and you’re ready to start creating the photo book cover you’ve always wanted with some of your favorite pictures. For instance, you may add 9 photos to your layout and change their order to the way they look most pleasing to you.

Step 3 — You will love how you can frame it!

Just a few more steps and we’re done…

Frame your cover to make it look even more impressive than it already does. To do this, click on the square icon in the middle of your app so you can change the sizes of the frame with the first two sliders. Change it until you are completely happy with the result. We recommend that you set sliders on 20 which will make your cover look more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Now, save your cover in “high quality” and open up your saved pictures again for the fourth and final step.

Step 4 — Fine tuning time

Last but not least you can give your cover one more fun detail. Spice up your cover by adding a short dedication. For instance, we used the words, “love it”.

That’s it! All you need to do now is save your cover and it’s ready to use for your next photo book you create…which hopefully you will create using boox :)

We hope that we gave you a great idea on how to create a memorable photo book cover…it’s free, takes only a few steps to create, and in a short amount of time.

If you have any questions or if you’d like us to see your created cover, we’d love that. Please feel free to contact us via Facebook or on Instagram by using #boox.

Cheers !