4 years

rahul nayak

For the past 4 years, I was in IIT Kanpur pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. Before coming to IIT, I was very nervous since I didn’t know anyone here and was already missing my family. I had a very little idea about what will be taught here. But after joining IIT, I realised that the little idea that I had was just like a hoax. The subjects that were taught were just out of box. I thought that there will be coding stuffs but there was none. The subjects were theoretical. I was telling myself how can these things be helpful to me in future. Later I realised that coding is useless if you don’t know the basics. Someone has truly said “One must have one’s foundation strong”. Initially, I only knew C and C++. Gradually, I got opportunities to work on different fields like compiler, computer architecture, networking, web designing etc. I worked on languages like Java, python, ruby, haskell, php etc. The coding part of computer science never bored me even though when I am not able to get the solution. It exercises my brain similar to when I am playing chess or any other strategic games. I learnt tricks and different algorithms which has helped me in many ways. I can say that coding has become a part of my life. Though learning programming has benefited me but it is not the only thing that had happened to me in past 4 years. Learning some course is important but the most important thing that I learnt in past 4 years is how to lead a friendly life. I had already mentioned that I was very nervous in the starting days. I was missing my family and school friends. Life without friends is useless. I got friends who were just like me. There was group study, going to movies, going for vacations which were vital in maintaining the friendship. Truth is if you are alone, you are nothing. Whenever I was helpless for example- I am not able to do my assignments, I would go to my friend and ask for suggestions. We would play games and sports like cricket, football. In college life, if you have no friends, you have not lived the life. From these experiences, we learn how to perform in groups, how to collaborate just like assisting in football. We learn many things from each other. People say that being alone is best, there is no pressure from others. But I disagree with this. There should be someone who will congratulate you when you do something good and someone who will criticise you when you do something wrong.

Past four years has been a vital part of my life. I learnt things and stuffs that will be very useful to me in the future. A period of time that will never ever return to me but has a great impact on me. Four precious years that has paved a path in front of me. Learning is a continuing process. Until the last breath, one will learn. I hope what I have learnt in these four years and even before that, will help others and the society we live in.

rahul nayak

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