Stealing Mangoes

rahul nayak
Aug 13 · 2 min read

It is nearly 7 years old story. It was one of the warm evenings of the month of April. I along with five other school friends ( Asish, Daya, Adam, Upamanyu, Subhransu ) were roaming on our cycles just like all other days. It was the starting days of our new academic calender. So we were free from all kinds of studies at that time ( I can’t remember when we were not free ).

We were riding on the road close to our school. On the sides of that road were lots and lots of mango trees. It was summer and we have not tasted mango yet. So at the sight of the mangoes our tongues developed an affinity towards them. We decided to have a taste of those mangoes. Some were reluctant to go but finally all reached to an agreement. We moved into the garden of mango trees and parked our cycles near a tree at the vicinity of which some mangoes were already on the ground. We picked the mangoes suitable for eating and afterwards started throwing stones at the mangoes hung on the tree. Our aims were good so we were successful at increasing our quantity of mangoes. We have collected enough mangoes but were still trying to bring some more mangoes down. Unfortunately and suddenly, a man came running towards us. Without any second thought, we also started running away from him but we left our cycles there. That man couldn’t catch us but instead he took one of our unlocked cycles. We were not very far from that place so we saw him taking the cycle. We were damn sure that this place couldn’t be owned by someone but at the same time we also could not argue with him. We were only kids. We didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t abandon the cycle just like this. Consequently, we decided to go to him. We followed him with the remaining cycles up to a hut where perhaps he lived. We asked him to return our cycle. In return he said that those trees belong to him and were planted by his ancestors. We didn’t argue further and gave him the mangoes we have collected. We promised him not to come to this place again. After some discussions, he agreed to return the cycle. We took the cycle and then rode ourselves out of that place. On our way, we laughed at each other.

We were very excited at experiencing such an adventure. It was a memorable day of ours.

P.S:- The kidnapped cycle belonged to Daya.

rahul nayak

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