the state of everything

work hard, do good, be nice, breathe, don’t get upset when you get a bad tip, don’t gossip about difficult tables, do good, be nice, smile, remember to floss your teeth, sunscreen.

this is a small dose of my everyday thoughts. thom yorke sometimes takes over ‘more productive’…sigh. fuck, do good, be nice, 4 syllables so easy, remember the greatness of the world, see the bad, recognize it is there don’t let it fester, i mean, the bad tables, the shitty tip, whatever brush it off keep moving. when i was younger asking me to do something of this caliber ‘letting go’ would be equivalent to feeling the earth move.

i thank a good therapist and my husband (in no particular order). sometimes i also think that people change faster these days. that maybe the idea of ‘non-binary’ means you can easily disappear, change, move on but then i remember that is idealistic. are gender roles dead? if so i feel like it is a smack in the face to feminism. i mean women have been banding together in the u.s. for 200 years to be women. so the answer to that in 2017 is to disassociate with the machine to become ‘forgettable’. is ethnic neutrality next? because we are a country of mixed races and backgrounds we don’t all have a ‘common’ history we struggle day-to-day to be at the top of the pile? I think social media has impacted our lives in a negative way. well it has taken away our art of conversation. instead it is a flash of memes, news articles that are read for their title and scanned for their worth. pushing of ideas from one video to one article in an echo chamber and it is met with flash from the other side. everyone is really working for one agenda, not all, but some and in an effort to change the way we see each other, social media platform, we lose ourselves to learning and understanding a different side or view point. we have lost the point of critical conversation.

publishing now, despite unfinished thoughts, will cont. at a later date.