Andela Boot camp Day 2 has come and gone, but what I learnt will last me a life time.

The main topic of the day was “How to share code”. The day began by us having some presentations regarding the different ways of sharing code that exist. Personally, I presented on GitHub as one of the most popular repository sites in use today. I talked about its origin (mostly Git version control system by Linus Trovalds)and functionality quite briefly; as well as the advantage that it has over different code sharing sites. We then focused on GitHub, learning about its functionalities through; a GitHub tutorial site for beginners.

We looked at how to perform basic functions, like how to check the status of your repo, that is; to check whether you have any files within your staging area or not, adding files (to the staging area that is, so that they are trackable), committing (permanently saving files in the repo) and pushing the files to our online repos. We also looked into logging, checkouts and removing files (deleting them that is), before proceeding to implement what we learnt by adding some files to our personal repos.

Without further ado, here is my poem. Rough around the edges as it may be (I tried my best to rhyme), please enjoy and let me know what you think :-).

The second day began, indeed a pleasant one it was

A cup of tea then warm-ups, yummy and fun they were

A presentation I made, nervous but brave

Git Hub as a repository, this I explored.

Day 2 training began, off to a great start,

We learnt about GitHub, starting with its methods,

Init, Status, Add; trackable your file becomes

Ready to make remote? A remote repo you first need

Betwixt local and remote repos, a link must first be fixed

Username, Email and Password, are what you must provide

Then Status, Commit and Push, and to the cloud it goes

Wait…back to the first commit you want to go? Reset HEAD is the way to go

Not the end of GitHub does this mark, but the end of my poem it does indeed.