The Bopst Show: Brenda

Ah yes, “the chick”.

How do you get a chick to fall under your spell? It is the eternal riddle.

What works for some doesn’t work for others as there is no definitive answer to the age old question of how to lure a chick into having sex with you.

I’ve never sought out advice in how to do it; it just sort of happens.

All I can say is that using the term, “chick” has never worked for me.

It’s funny that people seek advice on this. Sure, if you are a kid or something you are going to be filled with questions, but if you are an adult and are still seeking advice about the best ways to get laid, nothing anybody tells you is going to be of any help anyway. The mere fact that you are looking for tips on bedding a woman means that you probably aren’t getting any for good reason.

I wonder who bought the album, “Picking Up Girls Made Easy!” (the track, “Museum Pick Up” opens this podcast) when it was released in 1975 and thought that it would help them get laid. I will say that it’s advice is not without it’s merits, but having said that, it is all stuff that you as an adult should know already.

Listening, taking an interest in what a woman is interested in and being kind & courteous aren’t groundbreaking ideas. If these ideas are, well, as I said before, you probably aren’t getting any for some very good reasons.

Still, it is a great big world out there. Just by the law of averages, I don’t care how ugly you are mentally or physically some may find you, there are 10 million plus people on planet earth right now that would fuck you.

And those 10 million plus people are out there waiting for you.

The fifty-seventh 2018 edition of The fifty-sixth 2018 edition of The Bopst Show features words & music by Picking Up Girls Made Easy, Gary McFarland, The Velcro Quartet, Wakimbizi, Wings, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Little Roy, Grupo Jalado, Kay Kyser & His Orchestra, Just Brothers, Mose Allison, Slayer, Dani, Don Sargent & His Buddies, Konk, Henson Cargill, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

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