Day 4

Hello everyone! Today was the fourth day of our Summer Camp. We started the day with a delicious breakfast. Then we got an energizer, which is called ‘’My name is Joe’’ and after that we went on city hiking through Bad Honnef!

We started our trip at 9.30. We were divided into different groups. Each group was given some tasks to complete like taking photos with just 10 feet on the ground, taking group selfies and some other interesting stuffs. It took us a little time to find the right way on our maps and reach the final point which was the park on the Rhein. After some free time we came back to the hostel to prepare our national presentations.

Before dinner we got also meeting in our elementary groups, where we could talk about how our day went. In the evening we got our national presentations. All of them were very interesting. They helped us to know something more about our countries. Most of them had something special like traditional food and dance. It was a really nice experience.

Hope we will see each other again at the next writing.

Best wishes,

Your daily Camus15 reporters