Why are Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)?
Tom X Hart

“For every female vice there is a virtue, and for every male virtue there is a vice.”

NOPE. There are far more male virtues. Females do not need to have virtue, because they are the only ones who have wombs. They are the bottleneck of reproduction. They control sexual selection. They get to make whatever demand they wish, as such they don’t need to be virtuous. Female to male ancestor ratio is 2:1, by some estimates it’s 4:1, and 8000 years ago reproductive success ratio was 17:1.



“ And there is little understanding in the MGTOW movement that the contradictory male and female virtues and vices may work to make life possible”

Are you INSANE? Females are making life IMPOSSIBLE. The billions of dollars of welfare state is almost exclusively consumed by single mothers, who contribute to the gang violence, drug and incarceration epidemic. Single mothers with child support and alimony MAKE MORE THAN MEDIAN INCOME by doing nothing. Women control 85% of all spending. Women initiate 70–80% of divorces, get custody 90% of the time, receive child support and alimony 96% of the time, and in some states like SC 13% of all men in jail are due to child support. Men are killing themselves at rising rates due to parental alienation caused by women turning his children against him. Men receive 63% longer sentencing than women for same crimes and twice as likely to be convicted for same crimes. Female teachers are raping boys and mothers are killing children with no punishment. Women commit 70% of non-reciprocal domestic violence with no punishment, the man gets arrested for defending himself instead. Women are falsely accusing men of rape with no punishment.

“ the MGTOW movement has a spoilt child attitude to life”

Right, because they are protecting themselves from slavery, they are “childish”, right? Who is complaining about “cyber violence”? Who is complaining about “manspreading” and “mansplaining”? Who is demanding paid “me-ternity leave” and “period leave”? Who is falsely accusing men for consensual sex they regret later? Who is complaining about “sexist physical standards” in military, police, firefighting? Seriously, WHO IS THE SPOILT CHILD HERE?

“ The MGTOW movement is thoroughly modern because it wants nothing to do with tragedy.”

You’ve GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. These men are surrounded by tragedy ALL AROUND THEM. They witnessed their fathers get destroyed. They witness men getting falsely accused, raped, killed, genitally mutilated with no justice. They witness men around them committing suicide. They witness men being hated and discriminated against in all aspects of life, be it education, work, media or entertainment. There is only so much “tragedy” one man can handle before he either kills himself, kills others, or checks out.

What is this UTTER CALLOUSNESS towards extreme male suffering from the author? Seriously? Do you even consider men human beings, mate? Why don’t you suggest that women pick up some tragedy in their lives, for a change?

“ The result is a movement that, while solely concerned with men, is strangely unmasculine.”

Right, because “masculine” means stupidly sacrificing yourself and dying, right? WHY DON’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF, THEN? Yet another white knight telling us what is masculine and what is not. For someone who just wrote an article about white knights, you have extremely low self awareness. Calling other men “unmasculine” is white knighting 101.

“ claim that the solution to this problem is to refrain from relationships with women”

MGTOW do not claim to offer solutions. That’s MRAs. You got it confused.

“ Surely, if a man is truly “going his own way” he wouldn’t waste another second’s breath on talking about women?”

No, moron, MGTOW are trying to wake up and help other men, to save them from potential suicide. They are “red pilling” other men so those men can protect themselves. It’s male camaraderie, it’s brotherhood. MGTOW literally saves men’s lives. But of course, you wouldn’t care. You think masculinity is all about “embracing tragedy”. Go embrace it yourself. Don’t come crying to me when you are divorced and cannot see your children and contemplating suicide.

“ the MGTOW movement generally thinks about the world only in terms of power, only in terms who is doing what to whom and who has what advantage over another”

BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WOMEN DO TO MEN. Women use men for money and power. So MGTOW are forced to think that way. Should I repeat myself? Women initiate 70–80% of divorces, get your money and house, get custody 90% of the time, get child support and alimony 96% of the time… How many more times will I have to repeat this? Even STEM fields favor women 2:1.

Your article is perfect proof that society has no interest in or ability to understand male suffering, much less do anything about it. All you have is shame, ridicule, insult.

“ Where the MGTOW movement will go I cannot say.”

Look at Japan. Instead of helping men, they are giving more money to women to have babies. It’s not working. SOCIETY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT MEN, even to the point of collapse. Since you seem to be so fond of history, why don’t you look at the last days of Rome? All of this played out, and was concluded with collapse. Women started demanding rights, voting and property and divorce. So Rome signed no fault divorce into law. Women started divorcing just to commit what would be adultery, divorce skyrocketed, and men stopped marrying. Then Rome brought a BACHELOR TAX. Then men started to leave Rome, to the point that the military did not have enough men, and had to rely on foreign mercenaries. Once those foreigners reached a threshold…

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