4 years ago when we got the first check to start Kitchensurfing and we didnt have bank account yet (From left to right: Wendell Davis, Borahm Cho, Lars Kluge, Chris Muscarella)

Kitchensurfing shut down.

I cannot comment on that, but I want to share why we started Kitchensurfing and why its important to have values.

Cooking made us to humans. It reflects our traditions, influenced by the environment we live in, and the people we share the meal with. In so many ways I think it is astonishing how far we have come. From home cooked meals, assembly lines of prepared food and to “meal, to ready-to-eat” meals. It can be done by anyone, though varies depending on skills, techniques, ingredients and as long as you have some form of heat (most of the time).

We believed we could create a global marketplace for people that love food, change the way people eat and build the largest common table in the world — distributed and at web-scale.

At Kitchensurfing, we believe that a shared meal is humanizing in a way that little else can be, that people should take more time to enjoy food and enjoy it with others, and that the work you do should be intellectually rewarding, but also afford the opportunity to see real smiles on faces.

Every time I cook, eat and share a meal it creates a unique moment in my life I will always remember. Its such a meaningful and diverse experience thats meant to be shared, but somethings gets lost when you scale it. I always thought that food is like traveling and that the world would be a better place when more people would travel and experience different cultures through food. It seems like a global language that goes beyond the repertoire of words we know. We failed, but I look back and have a collection of amazing memories I will always carry with me.

One of my most vivid moments was not when we raised money, but when our community of chefs inspired us and cooked for thousands of people in need when Hurricane Sandy hit New York.

Food is the purest from of culture. It doesnt belong to anyone, but to everyone and that makes me happy.

Thank you to the community that showed us how important it is do be passioned. A lot of other great things came out of this journey that dont have any monetary value: friendship.

Lars Kluge, Wendell Davis, Chris Muscarella, Max Siegal, Ben Cole, Eileen Belfield, Simran Jaising, Mariusz Rolinski, Alex Rakoczy, Evan Farrar, Caitlin Osbahr, Katie Smillie, Matt Horan, John Maloney, Ken Pelletier, SV Angel, Tiger Global, USV, Spark Capital, Scott Belsky, David Barber, Brian Sharples, Founder Collective, Patrick Keane, Navlyn Wang, Josh Styleman, David Karp, Chris Dixon, Joanne Wilson, Dave Tisch, Peter Hershberg, Brian Bishop, Paul Hoffman, Austen Ito, Daniel Kaufman, Ben Leventhal, Isabelle Steichen, Kavita Meelu, Daniel Sullivan, Avery Gordon, Kim Bryden, Sunjay Agtey, Mary Knudson, Sophie Benjamin, Coralie Kwok, Mischa Dlouhy, Martin Wöginger, every chef who participated in this, and everyone else I didnt mention, but feels like they should be on this list…

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