Dear Ex Lover

I never knew we’d finish the last chapter as strangers. Memories flash through my mind as a blur while I try to remember. Trying to remember how it felt falling in love with the devil.

You disguised yourself as an angel and poisoned my thoughts, crippled my confidence, and shattered my personality. You bathed me in insecurities and kissed me with a mouth full of lies. With a mind of a child, you had me hooked like an addict. It was “love” after all. ANYTHING for love; even if it got you looking like a fool.

They warned me. “Know the difference between LOVE & LONELINESS”. But i was sure, This? was LOVE.

Till LOVE turned into HATE; & never did I know such a beautiful word can become so painful to say.

  1. “I love you” was the first life.
  2. “Till eternity” was the second lie
  3. “I promise” was the third
  4. “I’ll always be here for you” was the fourth.

But hold on, hold on; I can’t blame it ALLLL on you. . . They did warn me didn’t they?

It’s a twisted story, just bare with me.

Chapter 1: “Prince meets Cinderella”

Our story began as the ending. . . see, we didn’t HAVE the happy ending, we STARTED as the ending. We had that annoying type of love.

I love you” every 5 minutes & “I’ll do anything for you” every hour of day. It was all love, happiness, joy; yeah we passed that stage.

Chapter 2: Neutral

I love you” became every other day and “I’ll do anything for you” turned into every other week.

Chapter 3: He messed up.

“You don’t trust me?” became an everyday question as tears became my new best friend.

Chapter 4: “I hate you

I hate you” turned into our favorite line. You. . . . . . .

You caused so much pain it became excruciating. It hurt so bad I tried and cast a pillow upon my heart to stop the bleeding. But it was “love” . . . “love” was worth the pain.

Chapter 5: Heart Failure

My heart gave out and stopped functioning properly. “I’m done, I quit, I give up”, I walked away.

Chapter 6: Defibrillation

But like an addict I was hooked!!

5 years down the road, how could I throw it all away? 3rd time’s the charm right?

Chapter 7: Regret

Piece by piece became missing every time I glanced into the mirror. I became a broken reflection till I no longer recognized myself.You stripped me

N A K E D.

Chapter 8: Recovery

I finally walked away. Rebuilt my self esteem and gained back confidence, but rebuilt a new personality. The old me died with you.

Chapter 9: Strangers

How are you” he asks.

My stomach does flips as my heart beat increases while my brain’s trying to find the word “ F I N E”.

But my throat gets dry and “fine” gets hard to say.

We can barely hold a conversation now. . .

I miss you” he says . . .

I reply with a “Thank you” as I log off.

The old me would have said “me too” but the new me has moved on.

We’re back to being strangers. We lost our friendship while trying to be lovers.

Chapter 10: Dear Ex Lover.

I never knew we’d finish the last chapter as strangers. I still try to remember how it felt falling in love, but not with the devil;

Just simply falling in

L O V E.

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