Minefield is down

Bad news :( Unfortunately some not very good person hacked our Minefield server yesterday and used it for sending spam. It took about 10 minutes until our hosting (DigitalOcean) decided to turn the server off from their network forever. The only option to return Minefield back is to setup a new server but it is kind of not strightforward. The architecture of the old Minefield is rather complex and I frankly don’t now where to start.

But there are also a good news. Now I am working on the new version of Minefield with less complex architecture, better UI and a lot of new features that will make the game more addicting. It will take some time (about a month) until release since I am working on it at my spare time. Until then I decided to shut Minefield down at all (sorry guys).

A screenshot of a new flags gallery for attracting your attention

Please send me a message on my Twitter @minefield_game if somebody wants to get an access to the game when it is ready for testing. It will be accessible by different domain.

Stay tuned…