Mountain Rose Borderdoodles

Our family lives on a small hobby farm in Portage. We chose live here because of the beautiful area and neighbors that consist of ranchers, farmers and just great people.

We love dogs and over the years we have trained and bred purebred Border Collies from elite bloodlines.

Mountain Rose Borderdoodle Puppy — Henry

A few years ago after having the wonderful opportunity of being introduced to the Borderdoodle breed, we absolutely fell in love with Borderdoodles! And that’s when we decided to start Mountain Rose Borderdoodles We are now completely engaged in raising the highest quality and most beautiful well-tempered dogs in the world.

Although the breed is commonly known as Border Doodle, the correct term is Bordoodle (short Border Collie and Poodle cross).

Our family run business takes great pride in owning select dogs possessing notable bloodlines with a strong history of good health and long life. Our puppies are very smart, lovable and rare.

They enjoy a wonderful life without “kennels” here on our hobby farm.

Because our dogs are an integral part of our family, they receive ample love and attention. They accompany us on various activities around the property throughout the day. They just love our other animals… and even love our grand-kids who live nearby! Our dogs love to go with us on rides in the truck, camping, hiking and bike rides in the mountains. They are a true joy and a loving part of our family!

Our wonderful Borderdoodles portray great intelligence and are so fun to be around. They are not only eye-catching, they’re super lovable, loyal and have a natural ability to connect with you. We think they have a 6th sense.

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