Users are improving Boreal, the Hacker News client

Crafting together the best HackerNews client for iPhone ever created, Boreal

Four days ago me (Juan Chomali) and Nestor Palao introduced Boreal, a hacker news client with a ton of features, but we said that this is an app made to users by users. This is the reason why today we are releasing the version 1.1 including most of the features that you recommended us and with the correction of the bugs you reported.

I think I had never received so many feedback emails in less than a week (more than 50 every day). Before starting presenting the new features we want to thank every user who sent us a feedback email, comment, tweet, etc. We really appreciate each one. You, supporting us by paying the pro subscription plan or only with a simple comment, are making possible the creation of the perfect Hacker News client for iPhone.

We are completely surprised with the reception of Boreal. We made it to the top of Hacker News and ProductHunt (more than 300 upvotes), we got more than 7.500 reads in the launch post on Medium, and the app received about 3.000 downloads. Incredible.

But, the best of this, are your kindly comments, thanks for all guys:

New features in version 1.1

Users subscriptions: Since we started the development of the app, we wanted to add this feature. Now every time you read an interesting story you can follow the user so the next time that this user submits a story you will receive a notification.
Points in the feed: Most of the feedback was people requesting having the points somewhere. We added the points just at the side of the post domain.

Get to the comments with a single touch: With Boreal we discovered that a lot of HN users reads comments before the stories, so we added a button to get to the comments directly from the feed.
Up-vote posts from the feed: In the version 1.0 the button was a bit hidden, so we deleted that button. Now you can just tap and hold a post for a second to up-vote!
But why voting just stories? We finally added support for voting on comments. Simply swipe a comment from right to left and you will found the buttons for voting and replying to comments.
Dynamic type support: If you don’t have superman’s sight don’t worry, if you go to your iPhone settings and configure a larger text size, Boreal will also be affected.
A lot of UI improvements and bug fixes.

We want to thank you again for helping us building this awesome app. I hope my mailbox don’t stop receiving your feedback.

P.D: If you think Boreal deserves it, please support our future development buying the Pro subscription (go to Settings > Store). Great things are coming, but we need your help.

-The Boreal team

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