Bulletin Boards and Nutrition

Last week I decided what I was going to be researching on, on the overall topic of nutrition and students here at the University of Minnesota. One thing I was going to take a look at was bulletin boards. I planned on looking at dorm hall bulletin boards and others around campus to look at what posters there were trying to lure people into going to events involving or using nutrition to tempt people to go to these events and whether or not the food was healthy or unhealthy. So this week I took a look at bulletin boards and emails in which I received to look for posts on nutrition. These few pictures I posted are a few of the posters I noticed multiple times around campus that contributed to events with food also provided.

All three of these pictures are events in which food is given if you attend the event. In the first picture there is a Taiwanese kick-off event where shaved ice is given out. The next picture is of an email I received from the CLA board about an event and at it you get free Mesa pizza. In the email the word FREE is emphasized. The last picture is about an event called Cirque De-Stress and at the event you are provided free popcorn.

Within all of these events the common pattern I notice is that food is used and emphasized within the events. I think the reason behind this is to lure people into going to these events. By posting this I am trying to prove what a big deal food choices are and how common it is within college campuses to use food as a marketing tool to promote events. In most of these situations the food provided isn’t necessarily a healthy choice. Shaved ice, popcorn, and pizza are all options that aren’t healthy, so all of the people who attend these events and consume these foods are in-taking unhealthy food options provided by our campuses programs/boards. I think we need to give students more healthy options at these events to promote healthy food choices and overall wellness.

Although I did not attend any of these events none of them are offering healthy choices to our student body attending these events. This is an issue within our campus and I need to further go more observations next time these events come about.

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