Photo Credit: “England v Brazil [June 2 2013]”, © 2010 Mark Hillary, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Why do Brazilians care too much about football?

Yes, my dear American friends the right word for that is football instead of soccer.
One day I was thinking to myself, “Why do we Brazilians like too much about football?”, even for many of us, it is a silly practice which does not defy our intellectually, others would also say that is the entertainment for the poor people who dwell in the slums.

No, football is such more important for Brazil than these stereotypes, the national team, for example, represents for us part of our national identity (Although the federation that holds its management has failed in many ways) likeness is our anthem or our national flag. I know this isn’t exclusive for Brazil, many other countries have strong relations between sport and its national pride, like rugby for New Zealand, ice hockey for Canada, cricket for India, etc.

Brazil never had a great contribution to the international community, a lot of people even don’t know for example about our participation in the allied army at the second world war (Yes, we were there). We don’t have great heroes, and we always struggle with ourselves about our fail condition to be and see us as a great nation. But the portrait turns when brings to the pitch, to the green turf, our players use to be seen as happiness representation of this sport “Joga Bonito”. The yellow shirt is global sports symbol recognised in any place of the globe as well as the All black’s jersey to the ruby national team from New Zealand, and the main reason. We used to be seen as “unbeatable” for many ages and in a strange way when our side is doing well on the pitch, the hope of the Brazilians in themselves and their future also increase.

At this moment, though, either our political and football sides are handling tough moments. The first one with a critical economic condition, unemployment increasing, the significant part of our parliament facing investigations and include been arrested, beyond the president Dilma Rousseff suffering the impeachment process in her 2nd term. The second one failed to win on his home soil its second world cup as host after a humiliating defeat by the German squad by 7 x 1, which becomes a new kind of motto when something goes wrong in the life “Another 7 x 1”. These two scenarios have become in wounds that will remain for a long time until heal.

Not by accident the president of the Brazil and the national team coach are two of the most stressful roles in Brazil, both demands result almost immediately and barely have a good acceptance by the majority. Nowadays isn’t different, justified by the poor results and the will of the people, as outcome both have changed their principal actors, now we’ve got a new president and also a new coach. Like I said above, there is a kind of a unique relationship between these two things.

Renew it is the current word more used to us, now Brazilians hope for better days, like those experienced in the last shiny decade in both fields.