It’s been four weeks since we launched. What do we do everyday?

Are we a Lean Startup? What does that mean? How do we know?

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Our home page since we launched. Nothing has changed since then =>

Our platform a-change went live four weeks ago.

Is this only the only thing we do or look at everyday?

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Beautiful analytics provided by; using this platform and its customization panel for code injection has been a good decision so far for us.


Discovery is one of the most exciting parts…”

Are these graphs so important at this point?

1) A starting point to first find a problem worth solving, before defining any solution.

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Coined by Steve Blank, Customer Development: our framework to find a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model.
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Customer Development Brief @ a-change. Written by the Customer Development team.

2) How to find early believers (not adopters).

“I am amazed by the initiative of a-change and would love to add some value to the team!”

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Still Goosebumps when I read this. Thank you Katherina!

Great leadership can!

That’s why we say we don’t have early adopters, we have discovered early believers.

Now, really. What do we do (or try to do) everyday?

So, are we a Lean Startup?

We commit to discover and inspire the entrepreneurs who are determined to build innovative companies and lovable products.

Working side by side with the most progressive companies and building ideas into innovative products | Co-Founder @ 💡 | Co-Founder @ 🙌🏼

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