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I never thought I would become a Web Developer.

For the past 5 years I’ve been mostly in the business of Innovation Consulting but deep down I wanted to be a Tech Entrepreneur. There was something that didn’t feel right though:

How can I become a Tech Entrepreneur without any sort of tech knowledge?

We’ve seen stories like this possible. But this is something I didn’t want.
It felt like some sort of “impostor syndrome”. I decided to overcome that but I was scared for sure. I believed my career was very well paved already.

A chat with a Startup Founder and the power of reframing problems into opportunities.

“I strongly believe that the solutions we will build, will be much better, now that every team member has understood the problems in detail.”

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HMW: How might we convert crisis into super productive time?

The team is now aligned, they talked face-to-face (remotely) to real potential customers and, most importantly, they learned at lightning speed what to prioritize based on customer needs. …

And you only have two days to get ready… Go!

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Jake Knapp running a Design Sprint Workshop — Berlin, May 2017. On the left side: a fresh Design Sprint Master (yes, I’m the one furiously taking notes 😁)

It has been a while since Jake Knapp spent a morning teaching us the value of Design Sprints and how we can use this powerful framework for building great products. We, on the other hand, shared our learnings following the approach within our Innovation Program and the challenges and outcomes we experienced along the way; some positives and others, to be honest, not so compelling.

It was 2017, I had already ran half a dozen of this sort, naturally making tons of mistakes along the way, and I was so eager to get to the Q&As section to finally ask…

Mental model: a pivot is not a failure, is that substantive change to one or more components of your business model.

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Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

This post starts with a story:

Once upon a time
there was a group of independent professionals struggling not able to to find the right projects and clients.

Every day,
encountering tradeoffs was the normal: either taking well-paid but unexciting jobs or working on projects they were truly passionate about for little money.

One day,
Luis & Moritz came together to build a platform to connect these professionals with innovative companies so both can work, develop and grow together.

Because of that independent professionals spend…

From a trip to a gig. What led us from Berlin to Linz?

A bit more than six weeks ago I shared how writing here in Medium and “getting out of the building” has helped us engage with potential customers, validate part of our business assumptions and increase our speed of learning at a-change; worth mentioning, receiving words of encouragement and inspiration, attracting new talents and also service providers to our platform.

From that moment, I made the naive choice that posting a series of stories about all I learnt from an Entrepreneur from Austria and the challenges he’s facing with his Startup was a good idea (including some audio snippets from these…

A brief letter to my first team member, Moritz.

Recently, my first employee, and firm believer of a-change from the beginning, reached his first month working along with me.

I’ve reflected on the importance of recognizing the work that people does, even if your company is so tiny, and yet not truly understood, that goes unexpected to many people out there.

I’ve changed my approach:

I spent almost the same amount of time I used to spend when I was giving negative feedback to people. Interesting enough, in general, my case included, we spend more time thinking about how to give negative feedback to…

The power of being people-centric and using innovative tools, from day one.

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Purpose must always be at the heart of any team’s initial conversations.

I think I’ve made several (tons of) mistakes before.

I’ve always been interested in frameworks that helps organizations approaching problem-solving, spark creativity or systematically guiding teams and/or individuals execute and enjoy work. One that I learned, experienced and then taught to 100+ people was Design Sprints.

But, when it comes to using a framework to help people kick-off projects and align or even thinking about onboarding a first official hire, I certainly was (and perhaps still am) a complete NEWBIE.

Reading this article I’ll give a quick formula to:

1) Onboard any person into a new team or company in less than 45 minutes.

2) Collaborate on a virtual…

This is the story of how much you can learn when hanging out with a real and experienced Entrepreneur.

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Hanging out with Klaus: 24/7 for 5 days.

This article mentions (Part 1) because I believe this great story cannot be told in just a one-long post. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did and still am!

It’s not hard. It’s even harder.

Some people would say that meeting new people is hard.

Some other people would say that meeting and engaging with potential customers is actually harder, and scary. One thought that automatically comes to mind and I’ve heard is:

“How about if they don’t like or resonate with my value proposition?”

I would say that meeting Founders is even harder.

Especially if you don’t have too many connections out there and you were living in the bubble…

Yeah… Apple, Dell, Facebook, eBay, etc, etc… What is common among them? Yes, they were all bootstrapped. “Perhaps we should try it too (*)…”

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My flatmate’s boots. Walking to my tiny office to write this post and I thought this is a clear representation of what bootstrapping is all about: hard work!

(*) “Trying it too” means doing things like the picture you will see by the end of this post. Hint: if you want to get a sneak peak of our first office space (or an attempt of it), scroll until the end right now! But come back here again… :)

Yeap, bootstrapping.

Bootstrapping is the act of pulling up your company by your own bootstraps.

What? Come again please…

Ok, bootstrapping is the act of self-financing or building up your business relying on your own money and revenue to operate and expand. …

What are your success metrics? How do you know they are the right ones?

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An image that makes me feel I’m making progress, A.K.A, “Getting out of the Building”.

I knew this moment was going to come. And I stumbled.

The #1 question that I just love asking every Entrepreneur during my mentoring journeys finally was asked right back to me.

So, it’s been more than a month since you launched this thing:

How do you make sure you’re making progress with your startup? How do you know you’re focusing on doing the right things to do every day?

Take that Luis. Right in your face!

To be honest, it’s a tough question. Whoever I asked this before, I’m sorry if you were not really prepared for it or I came across with an obnoxious tone.

The truth is: this is also a really good question to ask every entrepreneur on a regular basis.

This question came over…

Luis Borges

Working side by side with the most progressive companies and building ideas into innovative products | Co-Founder @ fizzibl.com 💡 | Co-Founder @ vvais.org 🙌🏼

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