• In general, cloud integration is employed in settings where accurate computation and robust security are necessary.
  • It is possible to achieve high scalability despite the erratic nature of the workload. However, this may be accomplished individually for public and private deployment patterns.
  • Due to the integration’s reliance on the deployment environment, the cost is extremely effective.
  • All users have access to all data thanks to the public cloud integration, which is available to all users. Private cloud integration does, however, have restrictions related to security.
  • In tiny businesses with just one service or in governmental institutions where intrusion from the outside is forbidden, cloud integration can be employed.
  • In cloud integration, the integration process is simpler.
  • Organisations with low security concerns can use cloud integration.
  • Organisations with numerous service branches, such as the IT department, performance requirements, regulatory services, etc., must integrate the hybrid cloud.
  • When private and public clouds are integrated, it is simple to obtain great scalability and flexibility in handling workload.
  • Due to the integration of all deployment settings, the cost is significant in comparison.
  • As security is a priority for an entire system, the hybrid cloud integration is secure and safe for both private and public cloud integration.
  • Large, multinational enterprises with many divisions that need both accessibility throughout the company and data security might benefit from hybrid integration.
  • Integration of hybrid systems is quite complicated.
  • With the integration of hybrid clouds, organisational security is enhanced.



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