One Policy leads to the next leads to the next

One thing that has become prominently clear with this #GOPTAXSCAM is that every bill, policy, and amendment affects every right and law out there once passed. So as Citizens, we have to know exactly what these entail. As an example of the New Tax Bill that passed senate recently. We seen that it not only affects finance, even though its a bill meant to push this, it affects everything. Equal Rights, Healthcare, Finance, Employment,and even more that not only we, current adults, have to contend with, but also what our children and grandchildren will have to contend with. As an adult, I already knew this before the Tax Scam was even mentioned.

I, seriously, don’t believe that today’s new voters realize such. If they do, I doubt they realize just how much is affected. I understand the Pro-Life movement, believe me, when the doctors we seen during my wife’s pregnancy were explaining things like Trisomy 18 and other risks that the pregnancy was showing, this debate hit home VERY HARD. Luckily, we put our thoughts behind us and went for the risk with hopes we would have a healthy little girl. What we had was a very healthy, perfectly ratio-ed little girl on the small newborn side, leading her to be the intellectually gifted child she is. But, we were lucky, not every parent to be is such. With a life at conception belief, this now causes potential of loss of mother, mother and child, or just child through childbirth to even grow further in number. Which, also, can lead to heavier malpractice lawsuits, likelihood of doctors loosing careers, and less chances of those talented miraculous saves that make a doctor’s career more profound. And I have YET to even touch the healthcare aspect. This point of life at conception under this policy, if you really think about it, was added to place a dollar sign or financial value on ALL of us. Its not a net worth thing, but a taxation aspect. To me this is VERY wrong. It, also, opens the door to, way more, financial atrocities. Remember, as I said, everything in bills, policies, and amendments are inexplicably linked.

Let’s look to the Heathcare aspect of this bill. Take this for instance to heart as you read. I just got back from taking my daughter to the hospital to have her eye looked at. Because we are under that ACA care still, there was no problem. She had a slight abrasion of her Cornea. In and out, but what if it were worse, or was a predecessor of something further developed but not apparently detectable? This, too, has shown its face to us, my wife and I, as parents. Before, she fell while dancing near a nightstand and split open her outer fold of her ear. Simple stitch up and all fixed right? WRONG! Unbeknownst to us and my daughter, but an optical thing was developing at the same time. She started to complain about headaches and that her eyes felt tired because her sight was burring slightly. To many, this would sound like mere eye strain. She is on the computer often and maybe needed a break. Again, WRONG. We decided to take her to an optometrist. Here, we found out the bump she had taken on her ear that day advanced a correctable eye problem. She had lazy eye along with astigmatism. The lazy eye was the reason we decided to visit, and was brought out because of the fall she had taken mere days prior. So, now she wears glasses and her muscles causing the lazy eye have been strengthened. With usage of the ACA, this was discover-able, treated, and she is back to her constant learning and advancing her knowledge. This is just one small story, there are MANY more out there with even more detrimental cases. Split second hospital visits to many will now become hard to cope with. In my prior example with pregnancy, imagine an emergency C-Section delivery, umbilical cord detachment, or any number of detrimental risks involved with high risk pregnancies. Without ACA, hospitals can turn away those without healthcare that they or the state deem as acceptable. Which, many in their late thirties or older, may remember actually has happened before. This is why ACA and CHiP are very important. Which, again, is linked to this tax plan. Remember now the fetuses have a financial value with this bill too.

Let’s look at what else is linked to this bill. Employment! In my personal opinion this should be the foundation ALL bills are placed upon, but what do I, a mere citizen that lives with these bills, know, right? Tax Breaks to the Big Corps to trickle down to those employed by them. Who, in their right mind, is believing that a entity that's sole purpose is for profiting, is going to spend more unless they absolutely have to. We live in a money for nothing society. Do less, Get more. On top of which, these corps are now allowed to pay what they want regardless of equality. Whoa! Did Equal Rights now get linked too? Hmm, it did. Again, along with healthcare and life at conception linking it too. But let’s save that one for later. Money given to them from tax breaking, if shared at all, goes first to their shareholders, then to their suppliers. Not to mention politicians they lobby to increase their profits. Very little, if any, go to business costs like wages, infrastructure, etc.. That is paid for merely by the profits of what they gain from their services and/or clientele. Suppliers, too, will no doubt profit more from it seeming they can up the cost of their supplies seeming the corps now have more money to work with. While, the big corp heads, believe this aids them, in fact, and this became one major folly in Bush’s and Reagan’s administration, becomes a further destabilizing aspect to the economics of a whole. A huge chunk of our supplies, retails, and expenditures go outside of the nation. So, instead of sustaining the American workforce, we are, in fact, sustaining the workforce in other nations. Remember, Trump’s big announcement while visiting the Asian nations?

“ I don’t blame China, I blame the incompetence of past Admins for allowing China to take advantage of the U.S. on trade leading up to a point where the U.S. is losing $100’s of billions. How can you blame China for taking advantage of people that had no clue? I would’ve done same!”

This will continue if not get worse, as this tax bill has no doubt escalated so that it is being watched globally. Basically, this will mean we, as a nation, will spend even more outside our borders as they will charge us more. Still not seeing how the workforce gets helped yet. So, now even Global Economics is linked, too. We import parts for everything. This tax bill will NOT help employment, only what we import where industry is seen.

Equal Rights! Yes, I barely put how this becomes affected. With life at conception, we further take away from the rights of women in general. Starting a trend that they are for procreation again. They can be paid less, can’t easily obtain contraceptives, are now told regardless of their life the fetus takes precedence, told that their wishes no longer matter with being a parent regardless of forced pregnancy, we diminish their rights and lives with that alone. And yes, there are men out there that will force a pregnancy on a woman to entrap, settle, and even conquer them. Such has happened to someone I know before we met. It DOES happen. This bill makes it even easier to happen. But, this not only affects women, it affects those classified as minorities, as well. They, too, can be paid less by companies once more. As, again, we are set a a financial value, not to be confused with net worth. By financial value, I mean they are now a percentage of price spent upon. We all are now, including fetuses.

Global Economics. America, even before Trump but more-so afterwards, is being watched by other nations. They will know what we are passing economically. As specified by Trump’s quote, why wouldn’t they wish to profit off it as well. This, again, destabilizes our nation economically where global economics is concerned. Even those with wealth becomes affected by this aspect. Even more than that of the low incomed. Think of it, why would so many with a net worth in the millions still argue against this. It has proven economic destabilization multiple times, with Reagan and Bush. The value of the dollar becomes globally devalued, meaning we must spend more for imports, those with careers that take them outside the US, spend more or receive less. Those that are foreign and travel to the US spend less or receives more as well. This shrinks our own economic value. While the monetary amount my not change much in expenditures, the value of such will be less for America.

These are just a few things I have noted from a single bill, but it does show why we need a structure to give our representatives in Senate and House, as well as our citizens, to allow study of everything the bills impose AND link into other bills.

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