Citizens Log Stardate 93930.64 Searching For Enjoyment In Writing

I’ve been blogging and sharing posts on social media for several years now and while I found it enjoyable I have always been frustrated by my difficulty to attract enough attention to my writing to get people to read and and even comment on it. Still I continue to write to this date.

Lately I have found myself using Google+ to share my thoughts but I am now interested in trying the website, a site that is often heard of on social media with stories that have had great impact on many of the issues currently being discuss in political forums such as transgender laws, minimum wage and even gun rights. It seems like the perfect place to express my thoughts such as this post, maybe I can find the following I had liked to have found in the past. But I feel I am still missing something, a niche of sorts that would both satisfy my desire to be unique, different and incorporate the things I enjoy such as in this case where I have decided to fully embrace my passion for Star Trek.

I’ve decided to create my posts to resemble a Star Trek log using stardates in my titles. I figured not only would they seem a bit unique but it might also be fun to pretend to be writing as if I was in the Star Trek universe. Maybe if I’m lucky my new style of writing may seem interesting enough for someone to want to read it, perhaps even comment on it. Either way I am more interested in enjoying a hobby that I have been doing for a long time even more than before and hopefully allow me to be inspired to write more often. Let’s see how this works out.

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