In Pictures: The First-Ever White House Campout
Michelle Obama (Archives)

Hello Mrs. Obama,

I have seen many of the awesome things that you have done since you became the FLOTUS and so far I love it. From my experience you stand above those who came before you, helping the Gov’t connect with the people its supposed to work for, unlike I have ever seen before. Sadly your awesome action are always followed by a slew of rants from the media portraying you as some kind of monster who does more harm than good. It saddens me that those in the media have chosen to ignore their oath to fair and balanced news in order to give power to their political opinions through the power of the media in order to put down all the great things you have done. It saddens me that the only reason behind why they criticize what you do is because of their political leanings.

But I have a strong faith that the truth shall set everyone free and the media no longer has the power it use to now that the Internet is in the hands of nearly every American and they have been using it to expose the truth.

Thank you for being such a great leader like your husband. You may not be the President but you are just as important and valuable and you have earned it.

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