If you don’t believe (or refuse to acknowledge) that the youth of the world, particularly America…

I agree 100%. Being a tech geek, or tech nerd I am shocked at how little people know and understand about the $800 device they carry with them on a daily basis, their smartphone. It’s amazing how they are more akin to finding ways to save on battery life than they are to even realize that their phone is literally a portable computer that can do so much more than type short (lazy) text messages to strangers online and create silly short vine videos. Yet I find myself constantly showing them how to even take proper pictures or fixing their settings because for some reason something that worked yesterday is not working today.

I would have though that after nearly a decade of upgrades and use and there being so many options out there to choose from that people would have a better understanding on how to use these smartphones today, yet, they still struggle to create accounts for new apps, upload music onto it, use the new features they paid for and worst of all, take proper video (landscape people, portrait videos are signs of stupidity). Yes, people do very little today to make themselves more intellectual. If anything a new, state of the art, latest and greatest smartphone is not a sign of how much I know about tech (intellectual?) but of how cool I am and how much money I got. So sad.

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