Statement by Ben Jealous on President Clinton’s Remarks on Black Lives Matter
Ben Jealous

I know everything always has 2 points of view, but it’s hard for me to fathom why anyone would think that the 1994 crime bill was not, in any way, bad for minorities at the time. The numbers are there, the proof is there and yet people allow loyalty and ignorance cloud their judgments.

It was wrong, plain and simple. It caused more harm than good, it still is. No amount of “but Bill was the best” or “you misunderstood what he meant” or “ he was till right though” comments you make will change the fact that too many people were incarcerated and financially burdened in part because of the crime bill.

But, the irony is that that which makes this country great is also it’s greatest weakens. That everyone has to have an opinion and more often then not that pinion derives from ignorance, racism, loyalty towards are particular party or political person or just plain brain washing.

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