It’s About What We Accomplish For The Future, Not What We Accomplish For The Past

It’s not a new topic I’ve seen recently but I have noticed that lately the topic of why nominating Hillary over Sanders because she would be the first Madam President (I like how that sounds vs first female President) and this would help women greatly has all of a sudden become almost as hot of a topic as Trumps usual “only I can do it” idiotic rants portrayed as policy details.

Let me first say that before I became a fan of Bernie Sanders I was hyped over the idea of having Hillary Clinton as the potential next President. Apart from being a Democrat, she was a woman with the legacy of Bill Clinton behind her, another Democrat, a man who many consider him to be one of the best Presidents we have had and one I liked most of all because, odd as this may seem, of his sexual scandal which to me made him more human and thus more relatable even if the act was a big no no. He was not perfect and we had legitimate proof unlike past Presidents whose scandals were always of rumor and conspiracies. Also Hillary has the experience, first as a Senator then as the Secretary of State. I don’t know if that position entails any kind of work like what the TV show Madam Secretary depicts but if it’s anything close to that I applaud her for that level of experience. And then there was the creme de la creme, she is a woman. The idea of having our first Madam President was something too hard to not be excited about. We already managed what seemed like the impossible a elected a Black President and so far President Obama has done a pretty good job though there is definitely room for improvement.

However, as a voter, as a person, as a proud American my opinions about who should be our next President are not based on wanting a specific gender, race, religion or even political party. I base my choice on what I see wrong with our country, what I believes needs to be done to help it and save it, not for me but for all Americans, and who I believe truly wants to make it happen because saying you can do it for the sake of saying it just to win votes but are potentially not sincere in your promises or at least seem sincere enough is not someone I would consider as truthful in your promises. Because that’s what Presidential candidates do during elections, they all make promises. It’s a matter of deciding who you believe truly wants to keep them, even if they may seem improbable to achieve but not impossible.

I get the idea of women supporting Clinton over Sanders or even over Trump and Cruz. In a way it makes total sense. Having the first Madam President could definitely set a historical step towards women’s rights although you have to take into account that having the first Black President didn’t exactly usher in a new era for Blacks, at least not as much as was likely believed it would. If anything it brought about the idea of being openly racist without consequence; Trump supporters are a testament to that though one needs only to look back at Obama haters to see it clearly in plain site all over the media. It could potentially open the door towards more women in powerful positions. Heck, even Condoleezza Rice was named as someone who could have run for President and could have had a good chance of winning and she could have ushered in the ultimate status quo breaker of all, a Black Madam President although her Republican roots would not have swayed me to vote for her. Also, a Black, Hispanic Madam President would be beyond ultimate, but I digress.

But… Would I be doing my country right by allowing the potential of a historical moment, such as having our first Madam President (and incidentally our first First Gentleman) to dictate my vote towards Clinton and ignore the fact that while I would still vote for her if she were the nominee in the end because any Democrat at this point is better than anyone the Republicans could conjure up, I have huge reservations about her ideas, her implementation of her policies and her questionable choices in the past. Bare in mind I am not taking into account her Benghazi or email scandals because I believe they are both products of Republican bullshit designed to attack and destroy both Hillary and the Democratic party and thus has no baring on my opinion on her as a candidate. I just don’t believe she fully represents my best interest at this time and as long as I have an alternative candidate that does I have to do what I think is best for this country and right now I believe a revolution is what’s best and I also believe Sanders is the one who, at least, can get the wheels turning on this.

Clinton has too many ties to those who are partially responsible for the countries spiral downfall into economic chaos.

She has consistently voted for, agreed with and approved bills, actions and decisions that have done more harm to this nation than ever in our history.

And she’s partially responsible for the discrimination, abuse and punishment of minorities in the US with stereotypical statements and opinions that could almost be compared to those of Donald Trump.

For years I have craved change and with every President elected I expected to see some real change. Obama’s entire campaign was built on the phrase “Hope And Change” and yet very little has changed. And all it would take is a Republican President to reverse any progress made. The real change I was hoping for never came. Nearly eight years later people like me, low income, no college education, with kids are still struggling just to keep a cheap roof over our heads and cheap food on the table. Items that are necessities for some to live normal lives are luxuries for us. Even the most simplest of things and most necessary to own, a vehicle, is difficult to have when you can’t afford one new enough to either not break down all the time or if it does the warranty still covers it or one so old that the cost of keeping it running almost matches the cost of a new one. Life is too short for us to wait while incremental changes take effect and the US becomes a better place for everyone. By then rich people will be richer and poor people will be poorer and what was meant to fix this will struggle even more to work. We need change now, we need immediate action. We need a strong push for big change, drastic change, change that will shake the foundation of our Gov’t system like 8.0 earthquake.

This cannot be accomplished if we allow our personal feelings of wanting a Madam President prioritize our choices. History making should not be the driving force behind a political decision. If you’re gonna stand by Hillary, do it because you believe she’s qualified, do it because you believe she has the qualifications you seek. Don’t do it just because you both have your gender in common. That is wrong on so many levels and you would be stupid not to see it.