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LOLz, ad hom up the wazoo, panicmongering about the WWIII (taken straight from the trumpalos, cause why not? The birthers started out as pissed Hillary supporters and this idea was then sized by the right-wing), claims about the Iranians having an utterly and totally peaceful nuclear program (if you stick your head deep enough up your ass, you can even ignore their breakout capability and them being one of the worst sponsors of terror in the MENA) and outright stating, that you don’t give a fuck, if Trump gets elected, it it only satisfies your little vendetta against Hillary. I get it now, why the left in the US is in such a sorry state. Instead prattling on about “privilege” to use it as a stick against anyone not in your little political sect like some of these dumb broads on Tumblr you (rightly) despise. So what’ll happen, if enough wankers like you split the liberal vote and get The Orange elected into office? Will it be better than Clinton? And don’t give me that bullshit “if you vote for, Clinton you consent to <insert bad things here>”, what are the alternatives? Go for ideological purity and a clean conscience or coming down from cloud-cuckoo-land? Really, these elections are so fucked up.

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