Boris is learning some coding.. Yeah!!!..

Hi everyone!

This blog will start as mainly about my expirience in coding bootcamp — Actualize!

I was going to do video blog, but didn’t have time this week, so I either post written one here for now and convert it to video later this week, or it will be in writing format forever.

Few words about myself: I came to Bay Area about 4 years ago. Mostly because I was looking to start career in IT. I’ve started as a QA Engineer, since I had some expirience in that back in my country. Worked (still working) as a QA Engineer / Lead for almost 4 years now and I feel that lack of deeper technical skills is dragging me down and creating a lot of difficulties in growing in my career.

n. an organism that turns coffeine into software

I’ve heard a lot of positive feedbacks about full time coding bootcamps. They are not cheap. I would even say they are extremely expensive (18–25k for 3–4mo bootcamp), but they have great reviews. Everyone who has gone through them are saying basically one thing: It is biggest change in their mind set and career.

Why Actualize?

There’s many bootcamps in Bay Area. But I was looking for one that I can attend and still keep my full time job. This criteria shrieked my options to 2–3 bootcamps. Actualize has best reviews. It is reasonably priced. Although it is a part time bootcamp, you still get good 22–24 hours per week in class.

We’ve started with 4 weeks of pre-work (online video lectures and submitting homework). After that we’ve started on-site classes.

Today (04.30.2017) we officially started our second week. So far I only have positive feelings about it (besides my crazy schedule, where I have to leave work, rush to a train, spend 1.5 hours in commute each way…):

- Methods that they use really works well in this rapid schedule: You feel like it is super crazy, so many things to remember, you can’t keep up with the speed, etc… etc.. But you just don’t really notice, how much of important information actually stays in your head. After all lectures, when you get some tactical task, you are like “wait the second.. I remember how to do this, and this.. That thing I logically understand how to do.. This one I can probably figure out.. hmm..” They teach you finding solution to anything, that future work could through at you.

- If I just stop for a second and look at the code I write now, just a week ago I couldn’t been able to figure out what a hell does this mean. Just all bunch of numbers and phrases which doesn’t make any sense. And this has only been a week.

This is my overall feelings so far. It is fun. I will probably talk more about environment, our team (don’t really want to call it class, we really more like a team) and some other stuff on my next post.

I want to keep it short, I know I’m not a goo writer and my English more confusing than explanatory, plus it is almost midnight, my brain is cooked after a long week and I really need to submit this blog-post before the end of the day.

Thanks for reading this (I’m surprised I kept you interested all the way until here).

Talk to you soon!