Wappler: The Best Web Builder So Far! 9 Reasons to Choose It

Did you heard? There are many web builders on the market. But clearly I want to make a difference: Wappler isn’t a web builder. It’s THE web builder. Very intuitive, you can create your own web application or mobile one in less than 2 minutes… starting from scratch!

Innovative and simple. Add new elements exactly where you need them in a great visual way! The designing process is really better: the elements’ insertion is context-sensitive and that allows you to automatically focus your attention on suitable suggested components based on the current selection. Edit every title, paragraph, button or other text element inline! Manage elements directly in the App Structure… just by a single click!

Bring websites to life! Wappler gives you the opportunity to use different dynamic data sources such as databases or other feeds. It supports different server models like PHP, ASP.NET and Classic ASP to perfectly suit your hosting.

Wooow! Mobile applications made easy! Design and publish your fully functional mobile app using Framework 7 and Cordova builder. Build your app from scratch using the ready to go components, such as navbars, buttons, panels, popups, login screens and many more. Design the appearance of your mobile app and its components using the properties panel and preview the results in Design view.

3 packages. Unlimited usage. Wappler is planned as an application which will allow you to design, build and deploy to hosting fully functional application. Just drag and drop elements, add data source… you’re done! It comes with 2 types of so called ‘features package’ — Community, Basic and Pro. Community is a free one, suitable for students and users with simple projects — it contains Bootstrap 4. Basic is all you need as visual tools and Pro version adds dynamics to your websites or mobile apps!

Currently, 40 components are included… more are coming up! Just for the start of Wappler 40 components were developed and integrated. It’s a big number and that’s not everything! We’re about to implement much more — a roadmap and action plan are on the table.

The Dreamweaver Killer. It’s been a long time since Dreamweaver is something more than any other IDE or just a code editor. If you’re a DW user, you might know that their Live View is so bad, that you have to run every page on another monitor to see what’s happening with your page. In that spirit — Dreamweaver is no more a solution for designers (neither for developers)! A short review over a bunch of other editors or even software-as-a-service web builders shows us that there are several main disadvantages: subscription-based model, too limited functions — especially for dynamic websites, mandatory copyright texts, sites looking not professional, etc

But our experience for more than 17 years on the market with DMXzone.com is leading our team to the best possible solutions ever!

Not Webflow. Neither Wix. Our product gives you the power of design — then you have freedom to use all the included components to create a professional web project or mobile application. No watermarks, no slow and lagging browsers! Wappler’s user interface is much simplier than Wix or Webflow. And more powerful! You can choose your personal hosting provides, as well as you got access to any file Wappler produce. You’re making dynamic-driven websites and mobile apps… no need to code it by yourself and you got access to every single file and database in the project.

The rendering in Wappler is now the latest Chrome 64 — great speed improvements and instance rendering with the latest web technologies!

It’s not Adobe XD or InVision too: in Wappler you make dynamic projects, not mock-ups. Imagine the mock-up you designed fully functional without hiring a developer — that’s Wappler’s spirit.

Suitable for every kind of project. Wappler is suitable for every occasion — small portfolios to big projects: create a simple landing page or a school e-diary. It’s all possible, easy and quick! Wappler we will offer you even more powerful components that deliver the latest technologies.

Tested. Yes, Wappler is a brand new product. But we have released more than 20 Beta versions to our users, a closed beta testing group. As usual, the bugs are fixed and we’re ready to go!

Got 2 minutes free? Then let’s make a website!

Wappler is not something regular. Let’s change the way you work! Let’s change your mind!

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