Meditation — A Practical Guide for the Modern Meditator

The Modern Meditator

Modern life is stressful, and demanding. We can’t all be mountain top meditators, after all some of us have actual shit to do. That’s why I discovered this short but powerful meditation exercise for myself and am now ready to share it with you!

1. What are you doing right now and why are you doing that thing?
 (must be answered in excruciating detail)
2. Keep doing it until it changes.
3. Repeat.

This exercise will help you unleash the power of nirvana in almost any setting: Crunching the numbers for tomorrows social media analytics reports? Having mildly arousing but still obligatory intercourse with your significant other? Trying to decide between dinner with friends or indulging in Narcos to discuss Narcos over dinner with friends? No matter what the situation you can now instantly enjoy life(?) by following the simple 3 step process (or 2 step process if you repeat automatically like some people I know…) outlined above.

Just remember to really focus on what you’re doing no matter what you’re doing. Even if you’re just not doing anything.

Peace & ❤ & all that bullshit.