We will NOT publish a diversity report — ever.

We don’t care how many women, blacks, greens or striped mammals we have working for us.

When we send a home assignment to be checked by an engineer, he doesn’t know the gender or skin color of the applicant. And he shouldn’t. We want the best people, not the “Let’s make the press happy by showing our modern racism and gender discrimination”.

Last year we sinned

We gave free tickets to women to attend our conferences and prioritized seating at our limited free workshops. It was a mistake, and we are sorry. This year if you have financial limitations, we will help regardless of your gender. If you want to learn and improve, we will help, regardless of your color.

Step up

Don’t follow the loud fear mongers and accusers, don’t measure what doesn’t matter. Focus on making your workplace a great place for everyone: to work, to improve and to have fun.