Jesus In Salome’s Lot — a new interpretation of the Holy Texts

June 18th 2016 — Jesus In Salome’s Lot is offering the readers a unique interpretation of some of the most important as well as relevant pieces of Bible — the life of Jesus Christ.

Bible is one of the most influential as well as genuinely massive religious texts on the planet. The entire concept of Christianity is based on this Book and its interpretations. However, the text is so enormous and the number of events and people that are described in the Book is so high that it leaves huge possibilities for further interpretations. Nevertheless, it would take a visionary to interpret some of the most controversial parts of the Holy Book using metaphysics as well as straight-up facts. Sure enough, there are plenty of interpretations of the Bible available on the market these days. The readers are often presented with some genuinely bizarre concepts. Some authors claim that they do, in fact, have secret knowledge of another kind and that this knowledge could really be it — it could be revealing the actual extraterrestrial nature of the Book. Still, not all of those interpretations can be trusted and for obvious reasons. Yet, if you are a progressive person, who has an open mind and could enjoy reading new theories, no matter how bizarre or inconsistent these may be, there are plenty of texts that will easily satisfy your needs and requirements.

Jesus In Salome’s Lot is a unique book — it is one of the few publications that actually connects the life of Jesus and the Mayan calendar, which is an interesting approach and it could be a fun read for fans of theosophical religion and such. In fact, the author is trying to figure out a secret timeline — one, which would explain some genuinely controversial moments in the Holy Bible. In fact, you can easily order the Amazon book right now and learn more about the theory on your own.

About Jesus In Salome’s Lot:

Jesus In Salome’s Lot is a publication that is currently available on Amazon. The author is trying to interpret the most controversial parts of the Bible, learn more secrets about the life of Jesus and connect the Holy book with Mayan calendar. The publication is aimed at open minded readers, who are not afraid of new and daring theories as well as enjoy the conspiracy talk and such.



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