5 Star Magic

Best practice in app reviews : Mimi Music

Great ratings and reviews help apps to get new users. Users searching for new apps look at what others are saying and then decide to download. While social proof is one of the main reasons to build up your reviews & ratings, they also affect your app discoverability. While great ratings do not necessarily give you a great ranking or feature, it does affect it.

High quality reviews and ratings for your app certainly depend on quality and user experience of the app but it has also a lot to do with how you ask.

Today you can see still many apps not being reviewed at all or good apps being reviewed badly. But there are best practices out there to learn from. The team behind Mimi Music for example is doing a great job.

No doubt, the app is great and does what it promises. But besides that Mimi is not only making sure ratings are high, it also gives those who need to blow off steam a more appropriate place to do so and at the same time keep them away from the app store.

Get timing right
One basic thing you need to get right is the timing of when you ask for a rating. You should not show a pop-up right after someone just installed the app, but also you might want to avoid moments after the user failed to do something. You want to meet the user when they are in a favourable mood. Therefore track success events and look for moments where the user discovers value.

Channel fans and haters
First thing you want to do is to channel those in favour from those who are not. Mimi does that by asking “How do you like Mimi Music?”.

There are 2 options presented to the user: Option 1: “Love it!” and Option 2: “Could be better”

Option 1: Love it!

Option 1: Love it! → Great! Would you leave a review? → App Store

Those who “Love it!” get to see the next pop-up, saying “Great! Would you leave a review?”.

Emphasize Why
You just tapped “Love it!”, but before giving you the chance to rate their app Mimi reminds you of their mission to “give everybody on this planet access to better hearing”. …and that “5 stars help”. How can you now not give 5?! What kind of bad person are you ;)

Results speak for themselves, you can read wonderful user voices in the App Store.

But how is dealing Mimi with those who not exactly love their product (yet)?…

Option 1: Could be better

Option 2: Could be better → Want to leave feedback? → Email

Positive feedback
Those opting for “Could be better” learn their first lesson in positive feedback: There is no “I hate it!” option.

Emphasize you want to make it better
Before giving you chance to leave feedback Mimi shows appreciation and let’s their users know that they would like to know how to make their product better.

Email instead of App Store link
Some might not even realize it in the process but those who don’t love Mimi Music in the first place never get to see the app store for a rating. 
They are being channeled into email. The email is paraphrased in “What works well for you?” and “What do you feel we could do better?”.

Track each tap 
Make sure to track those clicks on could be better love it as not everyone continues to app stores or writes an emails. You can still learn from those actions and improve upon.