#GameOfCode — #LateRegistration — live blog #2

Time to reveal our plan or well parts of it :-)

The application will give the user the ability to get help with becoming part of the Luxembourg society in all aspects from starting as a new job till exploring key landmarks in the region utilizing the mobility to find the fastest, greenest, route to get to the checkpoints in one of the categories and check in.

After completing some of your quests your progress image will become more Luxembourger with filling up the flag of the nation of Luxembourg after reaching 100% in a category u will earn a badge to show off that u have completed it.

Working title

It would be nice if somebody could help us with a suitable title for the application. Let us know through one of our channels if u know a good name.

Work progress

Andrei: Working on getting Riot up and running.

Boris: Doing code reviews and finished the presentation.

Rodislav: Creating a daemon for auto pulling from Github.

Connect with us on:

Github and chat with us on Gitter

Facebook: Andrei, Rodislav
Twitter: Boris

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