#GameOfCode — #LateRegistration — live blog

Game of code, The hackathon in Luxembourg has finally started and the #LateRegistration team is very excited to be part of this amazing event.

The team consists of Boris, Andrei and Rodislav all working for #DoclerHolding and specialized in different fields like PHP, Java and Mobile applications.

We will be participating in the Open data Challenge: Smart Mobility.
for this challenge we will go out of our comfort zone and create it all in Javascript, code shared on Github, and our development machines will be on Docker and deployed to Microsoft azure.

During the whole event we will be blogging about what we will be working on so lets get started!

Boris: Currently working on the presentation.

Andrei: Setting up his environment.

Rodislav: Resolving the task to have a post-receive git hook deployment cycle on Microsoft Azure.

Connect with us on:

Github and chat with us on Gitter

Facebook: Andrei, Rodislav
Twitter: Boris

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