Boris Wolfman: “Israeli technology helps Turkish growers compete better globally”

The Israelis gave the world the most innovative agriculture techniques and have helped farmers in arid and dry lands to cultivate crops easily. The use of technology by Israelis in cultivation has helped transform the lives of farmers in Turkey. One man has greatly contributed to this change — Boris Wolfman. He has brought Israeli technology to help Turkish growers of Citrus fruit and Apples grow better strains and with the best productivity. His company Royal Innovative has been working among the farmers to bring about this change.

Royal Innovative with Boris Wolfman at the helm deals in Canola Oil and an entire range of products and services. The Canola Oil and Citrus fruit exports from Turkey are among the consumables and perishables that the company deals in. As a responsible entity Royal Innovative ensures that the growers who are contracted for the supplies of rapeseed oil (for the Canola oil) and citrus fruit are benefitted by Israeli technology. He has ensured that the technology touches every single component of supply chains — the growing, processing and transportation to the buyers. It is this commitment to quality that has helped the company establish a rock solid reputation in the industry.

The company has helped bring in innovation to this important sector and is now on an expansion spree to take the business to a bigger customer base globally. The two packaging centres in Turkey that have a processing capacity of 15000 tonnes help to keep the wheels of business churning at high speed without any tradeoff in the quality of the produce or the packaged products. The citrus fruit packaging centre is in Mersin, while the Apples are processed in the historic city of Sparta. The multiple agreements with different buyers have helped Royal Innovative to keep the order funnel expanding all the time.

The use of technology has helped farmers cope with the climatic changes that are affecting all farmers globally. This has helped the farmers to mimic the natural conditions that are most conducive for the fruit. One of the biggest advantages of Israeli technology in agriculture is the ability of growers to get favorable conditions, regardless of the actual conditions prevailing. This helps to keep productivity high while helping to streamline operations. The advanced cold chain processing and packing keeps the nutrients sealed in and the fruit fresh for consumption at the end do the cold chain. The supermarkets and buyers who have tied up with Boris Wolfman and Royal Innovative remain partners in progress and the operations have been proceeding smoothly without any hiccups.

Boris Wolfman continues to bring in innovation in all aspects of business. From the growing, to the processing, to the advanced logistics effort, he has managed to bring in technology and tie up the entire process to ensure that transformation benefits every stakeholder. Buyers get the best produce at the best price, while the sellers get steady orders without too many middlemen eating into the margins.



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