What can you expect from a Forbes Summit?

A couple of weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity of attending the Forbes 30 under 30 Summit as a Forbes Scholar and this is what I got from it:

First of all, I gotta say that I was travelling all the way from the U.K. Since I had many events coming up in US I decided to make a big trip and visit Boston and Silicon Valley for a couple of weeks and so, there was a lot of logistics to take into account (flight tickets, Airbnb, etc)

Fell in love with this city! ❤️

With all that sorted, I started my trip, got to Boston (beautiful city!) and spend the next two hours trying to fin my Airbnb, got there, slept for the next 15h or so (damn jet lag) and went to Boston’s City Hall where all the magic was about to start.

I gotta mention that on my way to Boston I got to meet my new friend Benjamin (Forbes 30 under 30 list maker- social entrepreneurship), a great guy with a huge humour sense that made me walk under the rain for good 15 min 😂 (vlog about this). Well, as I was saying, I decided to go to the City Hall but before doing that, since Sunday was just registration day and there wasn’t that much stuff to do till 5 (when the concerts started), I met a friend of mine that lives in Boston and checked out the city with him.

Lucas and I hanging out around Boston — trying to find a place to park 😅 (after that we walked for hours)

After a GREAT time visiting Boston, I finally got to the venue and met my friend Benjamin there. We got our credentials at the registration point and got into the venue itself. Lots of amazing people, food and drinks 😅. Everyone in that event was great, for real, really interesting people with lots of different and exciting stories to share. Even in those first hours I got to make a lot of new good friends, but that’s not all, cool drinks and food was available all over the place so I had a great time trying every single one of them! 😜

Benjamin and I with out cool credentials! 😎👌

When I realised that I could not eat more and have tried all the cool activities around I gathered all my new friends and went to place where the concert was about to start. You might think that the concert was a lot of random cool bands playing for a bit, well… you couldn’t be more wrong! The night started with a band from Boston that I din’t know about, they were “opening” the thing with some amazing songs that I’m still listening to in U.K at the moment! Make sure you checkout Ripe, super cool band!

Hanging out with the singer of the band! 🎤💙

After them, the big plate came, we had the amazing Skylar Grey, Playboi Carti and finally the great, great, great Zedd! It was such an amazing night! (Check it out on this video!) After that, I was too tired for anything else (walking all around Boston for hours and then jumping around in an concert for another 4h gets you real tired!) so I went home to get some rest for Monday, when the keynotes were going to start!

❤️ Small collage of pics from the fantastic artists who attended! (Kendrick, Playboi, Skylar & Zedd) ❤️

After getting some good sleep and a nice breakfast I started heading to the new venue I had to visit where the Tech Stage was. A huge, old, cool church where the amount of talent contained between those 4 walls was ridiculous. From high tech companies CEOs to huge investors and hedge funds founders and everything in between. The knowledge spitted from the speakers over those 3h was incredible, the notes that I took will cover a whole new article 😅 Adam Neumann (wework), John Sculley (Apple, Pepsi, etc), Carl Pei (OnePLus) among others were speakers, so imagine the quality of the content!

I can tell something now though, thanks to Saket Modi (Ethical Hacker & Chief Executive Officer, Lucideus Tech) I reassured the fact that I wanna do public speaking teaching people about cybersecurity! Amazing keynote!

Saket and I having a chat on the Tech Stage 😅

I also got to see the finals of an amazing challenge where the best pitch would win a $500k from Sound Ventures, RDV & GC and Forbes.

Incredible people over there! 💪

So when that amazing ceremony ended, I had the chance of having an amazing and inspiring chat with Peter Boyce II from GC and RDV and after that I headed back to the under 30 Village (City Hall) with a friend and started trying out all the new activities they had over there, photo booths, basketball, companies stands, etc!

Super inspiring conversation with Peter! 😱

Spent there the rest of the evening and finished the night by hanging out with the friend I met on Sunday since he had to leave to Chicago next day. After such a busy and successful day, I went back home and again, got some energy for the next day!

This was probably the most inspiring day of the event for me. It started the best way possible, with some pancakes 🍳 😂 After that I went to the under 30 Village again where I had the pleasure of meeting and having a super insightful conversation with the the cofounder of OnePlus, Carl Pei. Really interesting ideas came out of that conversation so if you ever read this, thank you Carl! 😜

Carl Pei (Co-Founder of OnePlus) and I having a chat at the u30 Village 📖

After that I had some lunch with friends and we had the pleasure of listening to one of my favourite artist of the moment, Kendrick Lamar, talk about lots of different topics, evolution of the music and it’s current situation among them. I was really surprised about how interesting everything he was saying was and how he managed to answer every single question, didn’t matter what kind with really wise words. I got to record all his “keynote” and it seemed to be alright to do that so I’ll upload it and update this post with the link once it’s online 😉

Kendrick talking about super interesting topics! 😍

Some more networking, meeting amazing people, doing crazy activities and having amazing food till the moment arrived, second day of the tech stage keynotes.

Made it to the cover already! 😂

I went back to the amazing big old church in the middle of the city centre and enjoyed the next 3 hours of amazing content. We got to listen to people as the funniest T.J Miller, the pretty and smart Karlie Kloss, the geek Josh Wardle from Reddit and lots of others! Somehow I managed to sit with the speakers throughout the event which was great as well 😂

Again, the content itself was that good that I’m planning to write a whole article about all the stuff I got from the points the amazing speakers where touching but here I leave a quick mind map of the speakers and topics I was lucky to see throughout the event.

Again, AMAZING speakers! And there were way more than just these! 😱 ❤️

When all that was finished, there was some kind of bar crawl that I couldn’t attend since I’m 18 and you need to be 21 in US 😤 but I would’ve loved to, those places are the best ones to make friends, aren’t day? 😂 Anyway, I spent the night with some fellow hackathon organisers having dinner at an amazing Italian place, everything organised and provided by my lovely friends from MLH (Swift and Jon) who also are 30 under 30 list makers! Amazing people who have created an amazing initiative that helps all of us students with out hackathons! Check out their web to know more about them, you won’t regret it!

Forbes 30 under 30 itself is done, no more keynotes, no more under 30 village, so… what did Borja do on Wednesday? 😅 Well, not everything was finished, there were 2 specific events Forbes 30 under 30 was partnering to collaborate with. Alfa Romeo was giving free test drives which sounded amazing but… MLH was doing a hackathon for good with J.P Morgan and Forbes and I couldn’t miss that! I spent the whole morning there, meeting amazing people and working together on a solution to help people who in the wake of the devastation caused recently by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria suffered from different causes. We thought about how technology could be used for relief and recovery to aid cities impacted by natural disasters, and tried to come up with forward-thinking solutions that can be implemented for future catastrophes.

Having a great time Hacking for Good! 💪

My team decided to follow a different approach than the rest, since there was a lot of people already working on physical approaches we thought, what happens with mental issues after these kind of catastrophes? We thought, this is a real issue, and 5 min later a new person joined our team and she had lived this! She told us about how she was there when one of this events occurred and how big mental issues on people who lost everything because of this are so we started working and came up with an app that would connect people who had been through previous similar experiences, people qualified to talk and give an expert point of view to help people and obviously, the victims from any recent catastrophe.

We were very proud of our idea and even though we didn’t get to win the hackathon 😅, the idea was considered one of the top 4 which means this could actually be a real project that could help people! If anybody reading this had the means and want’s to build this and start helping people, please do it and let me know how I can help!

With the hackathon finished, I spent some time with one of my new friends from the team I was in and decided to head back to my Airbnb. I had to get ready, checkout and at some point, go to the airport since at around 3am I would have to board to get a flight to San Francisco for the second part of my trip!

That was a very quick summary of what happened, I can’t go through every single thing because I would write for hours but as you can tell, the event was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the next one!

This was my first Forbes event but definitely not the last one. So overall, what can you expect from a Forbes 30 under 30 event?
• You’ll have great fun!
• You’ll meet lots of really interesting people!
• You’ll learn a lot!

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