My Summer with the Donald: An Investigation of Trump’s Strategy
Sofia Lapides-Wilson

The problem doesn’t end with the election, regardless of whether Hillary wins. The real question is how we can restore trust between ‘elites’ and ‘deplorables’ in the country. It’s getting easier and easier to never even have to see or interact with people you don’t agree with.

Your conclusion is telling:

“But to be fair, the protesters didn’t really attack me. I don’t think my country will disintegrate. I have a job, an education, and no loans. I’m not scared, waiting for someone to rescue me. I agree with the protesters; I want them to win. But for the people inside the air hanger, they think those people outside wage war on their existence.”

You go back to Yale and afterwards a great job. Many people in the hanger are struggling with the transition. from being a majority / oppressor to a minority. Many don’t have a great education, a job, or frankly any opportunity.

If not Trump, who or what should replace him to reconcile one half of the country with the other?

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