Accepting your own limits

This piece is in reaction to the Spike Jonze movie ‘Her’, but you don’t need to have seen it to appreciate the thoughts it conjured up.

Her is about a recently divorced man who falls in love with a sentient, learning, evolving computer (technically an ‘operating system’) who gives itself…

When you’re young, often you find yourself taken with ideas. Ideas can go anywhere and there’s nothing as pure as a concept—Love, God, Truth, Freedom.

Ideas are pure, free-flowing absolute.

From ideas come conviction. Many young people get caught up in the web of conviction: I know because I was…

Tech bloggers, anarchists, and entrepreneurs all loudly applauded Apple’s Customer Letter this morning saying it had rejected the FBI’s request to unlock the phone of the San Bernadino Terrorist.

The general mood of the remarks are

  1. It’s good for technology
  2. Screw the government, we don’t trust them anyway

Both of…

It’s always turtles all the way down

I’m about halfway down my Twitter feed when I curse my life and curl my hand into a fist: foiled again.

Despite mybest efforts, the thorny problem I’m working on seems to be no more solved than it was 30 minutes ago.

For perfectionists, procrastinators, and high achievers, this feeling…

ryan borker

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