To change the world takes a bit of energy

Hi everybody! This is my first post on medium. I am working on the creation of a currency for fostering equality, sustainability and transparency. The currency is idealized to allow equality and indipendency in banking service to all users, plus a more comprehensive way of trading value. Its units [kWh] are directly relatable to commodities and services by means of ‘Cumulative energy and exergy indicators’ and opportune calibration and sensitivity analysis (to better account for externalities). The technology I am working on to implement such system is a peer-to-peer shared database, with permissioned mining backed by IoT digital signatures. Still there is a lot of work to do, your contribution may be vital to change the economy. In fact, users like you can issue the currency, by declaring energy consumption data through an IoT certified device. The intent is to exploit governmental funds to assure and fostering acceptance of such currency worldwide, while allowing anybody who produce energy to be himself bank.