There Is No God

In the world of lines the idea that three-dimensional man exists is ludicrous.

It’s fantasy. For that entity, three-dimensional man, would be a god. A creator of worlds.

The third dimension is preposterous. We cannot see around corners. The fold is an illusion. A trick of light. A phenomenon of nature with no need for explanation.

Other planes of existence? Horse-pucky! Childlike stories of whim that superstitious line segments tell their offspring in order to keep them parallel. To keep them straight and narrow.

Back sides and front sides and volumes are absurd and bizarre.

Space and time…let’s not even go there…utter ridiculousness! There is only distance and length.

Anyone of any reasonable two-dimensional knowledge knows this. Two-dimensional science proves it.

Letters occur naturally. There is a natural explanation for all. The pen does not exist. The pen cannot exist. The third dimension does not exist. We form from the natural need to form.

Those who believe in a higher dimension should be shamed for the fools they are.

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