I know far more than you realize.
Lance Haley

You say your talking points aren’t memorized sound bites, but are, in fact, opinions you formed yourself based upon “hard data” that you retrieved from “deep research.” This begs the question: Where do you mine your hard data? All that the mainstream media (print, televised, and online) has been focused on is Russia, Russia — a commercial of granny going over the cliff — then more Russia. Where are you finding anything that isn’t already forged into a talking point?

Lately, from the leftstream media, almost everything that isn’t a Russian talking point has to be walked back or retracted entirely. A new saying among us Joe Lunchbucket types has come to be: “Is that true, or did you hear that on CNN?”

“Lie to them on a daily basis.” This is a favorite talking point of CNN. The remark remarkably has two words that it shares with any variant. “Daily basis.” It’s never just “Lies to them” or “Lying to them” it’s always on a “daily basis.” I ask this of every liberal who makes this statement: Can you show me the seven lies Trump/GOP told in the last seven days? (I will settle for six.)

I also ask, when someone tells me that Trump is out to destroy the United States, or as you put it, “drive this train wreck of a government into the ditch,” for an actual example, not something born of opinion, but concrete evidence that the country has been intentionally or unintentionally harmed.

Myself, I don’t particularly care for the GOP, but the thought of a political entity based on race/gender/global/self-shame factions, and laser point attention on 0.0001% identity groups tasked with “common interest” decisions concerning the entirety of a nation, scares the hell out of me.

The biggest problem the GOP has, is that members of congress are holding out against the party and listening to their constituents back home. The people who elected them have local interests which don’t always mate up at the federal level. (a fine example of what liberals say and what they do being entirely different things. You cannot devote honest intentions to 10,000 different groups. Ask any gay man holding a sign that reads: “Homosexuals for Muslims,” if he fully supports Sharia Law.)

That is the reason the GOP can’t come together on Obamacare. They painted themselves into a corner. Joe Lunchbucket wants Bozocare to be tossed in the shitter, but the tools in DC understand that an “entitlement” is forever (something liberals hand out like candy), it can never be taken away. It’s a career ender.

Putting party over country? Back in the sixties, Democrats and Republicans both held country over party. I would be proud to call myself a JFK era Democrat. I’d be wholly ashamed to call myself one now. I’d rather my wife and kids think I star in Russian Horse Porn than for one second think I’ve voted for anyone with a D after their name.

At some point, liberalism became socialism and the Democrats were like frogs in a pot water being slowly boiled. Liberals are all party based ideologues, I’ve never seen one that isn’t. This is why they can goosestep with blindfolds and they all wake up each morning parroting the same thing.

Since you don’t rely on talking points, I probably won’t find them in any of your previous political responses, will I? example: open borders, $15 minimum wage, believe Trump is a racist, Trump hates women, Trump is a secret agent of the Kremlin, Trump obstructed justice, Trump became president to get rich…

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