this is a journey into the abyss or i just have the habit of putting it dramatically, but yeah it is a different phase in my life much more freedom i am experiencing.

As Satre says,“Condemned to be Free” we are.

Finally understood, I think, at least some parts of existentialism. Need to create my own destiny. After all essence follows existence.

Success is the enemy of greatness, so from now on we are going to be great. But instead of projecting our infinite form that we have been doing since quiet a time we will explore our finite. Highly focused with short-term and long-term goals.

Putting the management education to use and making our life a success or should i say great. No this qualifies only as success. But this is what i want. Why to listen to the dead philosophers? after all they want it too.

Should i make these goals public or should i struggle and let the success speak for it? Yeah it seems a more logical choice. Just make plans accordingly and take the best decision. Remember, not always the best alternative is the best decision.

This is highly random and unorganized writing in future make it more structured with a theme than just a dialogue with yourself. What are u aiming at? an essay?

Sort of..yeah

No man that will be boring

Try it babes and rock it!

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