4 overlooked virtues to gain peace of mind .

1. Self love

By being at ease with ourselves and loving ourselves for who we are , our actions , thoughts and beliefs are aligned in perfect harmony. Self love means accepting yourself as you are and being at ease with your thoughts , especially negative ones . When you consider yourself of value , you take actions that benefit your body and mind . A person who finds faults within himself and is not comfortable in his own skin will never achieve a peaceful state of being because he is constantly trying to make himself complete , like completing the jigsaw puzzle of life with materialistic desires and needs , without realising that he was always a complete individual full of knowledge , beauty and love .

2. Inherant understanding of right and wrong

Many a times in life , our decisions are scrutinised and judged by the society we live in , based upon the written and sometimes unwritten laws of good and bad . But instead of focusing too much upon good and bad , one should judge his/her decisions upon the self understanding of right and wrong . That is to say ; one must not be ashamed of things one ought not be ashamed of . This world, this body , this society is all going to end one day . The individuals who recognise this fact , Base their actions on their own understanding rather than thinking too much of what the society thinks and preaches . For such a person would never regret doing something later in his life and have full responsibility of his actions .

3. Turning your mind into an ally .

A lot of people have a habit of saying “ my brain is not listening to me.” or “ my mind is working against me.” such statements are a bit melodramatic to me , for your mind is your own and not a separate entity . At all times , your mind is working towards your survival and well being . How the hell can it work in counterproductive ways ?. It is then , of utmost importance to establish a kind of ‘ friendship' with your brain .

When this happens , you would grow more understanding of yourself and loose the habit of being too hard upon yourself .

Your mind is your friend , even when it does not feel like it . You just need to treat it better once a while . By practising positive thinking , meditation , exercise , gratitude you may come to realise that everything is exactly where it should be .

4. Having few expectations of people .

The thing that seems almost evolutionary to human race is the high degree of interdependence with fellow human beings . By that I mean , civilisation is the greatest honourable error ever committed . Every facet of our life is governed by one thing , society . It is thus pretty obvious that we form expectations of other people . We expect them to drive carefully , to not hurt us , to like us , to love us, to be considerate , to save nature . And all of this revolves around a unsatiable urge for LOVE And none of that is a bad thing . But sometimes ,we get too much dependent upon other person and give them freedom to do things that are really our own responsibility . We were born not to search for love , but to share it unconditionally . Because love is not something we run out , we are born with it . By forming expectations that the other person will understand what we’ve been through and want them to take care of us , we are inadvertently destroying our own individuality and authenticity .

peace to all ….